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Let's build an amazing brand together

SCHMOOZY FOX is a rare kind of species. As far as us foxes go, we've been characters in fairy tales since the dawn of time. People have described us as intelligent and cunning, and they have attributed magic powers to us, because we are able to see what others cannot. 

And I am exactly like this - intelligent and magical, driven by the limitless power of creativity. I make my resources available to my clients - talented and passionate entrepreneurs and managers of growing businesses - who embark on a very challenging yet exciting journey to create amazing brands. 

Having already helped many businesses launch and grow their brands - from chocolate and jewellery, to safety consultancy and scientific software - I am equipped with a wide spectrum of branding knowledge in order to help you grow your business. While my choice of clients is not limited to any particular industry, you will mostly spot me working with those entrepreneurs who want to bring sustainable products to the market, respect the Earth and its finite resources, and genuinely love their customers. 

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new product launches

SCHMOOZY FOX will help you prepare the ground for that powerful product launch by putting many pieces of the brand puzzle together. Your new brand will have a unique voice and character that will stand out online. You'll know how  to select distribution channels that reflect the unique value and positioning of your product. You'll be able to guide your marketing team with a clearly defined, easy-to-follow brand strategy.

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content creation and storytelling

In the Age of Instagram language is becoming almost obsolete, giving way to images. One cannot underestimate the role of images in brand building. Color, shape and subject matter shown in a picture send very deep signals to our brains, which perceive most information in the form of metaphors and symbols rather than simply words. I take immense pleasure in directing my clients' visual content creation projects, as it pulls together my artistic, strategic and linguistic talents all at once. 



Sometimes even successful products need to be infused with a boost of fresh, vibrant energy. Maybe your target audience has changed over the years, and you want to explore new ways of attracting a different demographic. Maybe you are not sure if you are extracting the maximum value from your products or services. Or maybe you feel that your brand name no longer reflects the values of your brand. A re-branding strategy is often a great solution that can bring harmony to your brand and  some zesty freshness into your business.



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websites & visual identity

In order to be successful, your brand has to be supported by a smart strategy. And it also has to look good. I direct teams of top quality web and graphic designers who can help you create functional and beautiful logos, custom visuals and web sites. By the way, I never get tired of my own logo, which was given a lot of praise in the book Brand mascots and other marketing animals, "Through its contemporary design, the logo - an orange fox - reinforces the idea of being different, memorable and standing out from the crowd. It is a major communication-fostering recognition."

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brand naming

Having a unique, unforgettable and smart brand name can serve your business well, but I know how hard it often is to choose a good name. Some of my clients say that brand naming is sometimes even harder than naming your newborn! I can help you with this important task by applying my unique approach. It includes working with metaphors and visuals that I select based on your brand values. I do all the required linguistic checks to make sure that your brand name sounds safe and pleasant to the ear in the countries where you sell your products. You get a "package" of several name proposals, and choose the one that makes you most happy.

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personal branding

The times when people defined themselves by the same professional occupation all their lives are long gone. The power of the Internet is motivating more and more of us for entrepreneurship, and for crafting our unique Universe, expressing our voices like never before. And even the corporate world, it seems, is waking up to the fact that we are multi-talented beings, unwilling to fit into small boxes defined by others. We are all rare birds, and this rarity deserves to be expressed in unique ways. I propose personal brand coaching to you, multi-talented entrepreneurs and managers, in order to help you express your true voice in any business context you may find yourself in.


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