bnet top ten brands 2010

5 lists of best 2010 brands

Image source: As the year draws to an end, more and more lists of "best" or "top" brands start appearing in the press.

Who combines these lists? Usually, it's the press itself, or various marketing, branding and advertising agencies. Although there's certainly some bias regarding which brand is the "best", I nevertheless find these lists rather informative. Combined with reasons explaining why the brand in question can be considered "best", these lists and rankings can be viewed as useful lessons learned for up-and-coming Funky Brands that are looking for inspiration.

However, most of these lists include only very big, dull and not-so-funky brands (McDonald's, Cisco and especially Marlboro are far from extraordinary, in my opinion), so it's hard to get inspired if you want to build a truly Funky Brand. Only the Cool Brands 2010 list contains a couple of more or less original brands.

Here's my 2010 List of Brand Lists, a compilation of best brand 2010 rankings created by various publications and agencies:

1) Interbrand's list of Best Global Brands 2010

2) BrandZ Most Valuable Global Brands 2010

3) Cool Brands 2010 (a list of the coolest UK brands)

4) Asia's top 1000 brands 2010

5) BNET's top ten brand winners 2010

Business Week also combines annual lists of 100 best global brands, but the 2010 compilation has not been published yet.