A good metaphor for good (and bad) branding

Maybe you've seen this image circulate on Facebook over the past week or so. It was originally posted by the page called English Quotes, and then spread virally amongst many of my Facebook friends. I have no idea who the author of this image is, and if I knew, I would certainly give her a good mention.  

For me, this image is a visual metaphor for good branding, and bad branding. On the left, you see what good branding should look like: lots of work in the background, laying a strong and healthy foundation, and not always seeing the results right away. Good branding takes time, but when it's taken care of well, it brings its fruit (or vegetables) when the time is ripe.


Bad branding is "fluffy" branding, just like you see on the right. There's lots of activity taking place on the surface, with no strong, reliable roots that back it up. It's all about "make up" and appearances, with no long lasting strategy that lies at the core of the business.


Make sure that you water your carrots well, then your brand will grow strong and last longer.