Funky Brands™ on Pinterest

  Most social media aficionados like myself have probably heard about the recent successful rise of Pinterest -- a "pinboard-style social photo sharing website" (source: Wikipedia). If you google the term "Pinterest", and "Pinterest for marketing", you'll get an endless stream of press articles, and blog posts describing the benefits of this new platform.  I've even seen many marketing consultancies popping up here and there -- with the sole purpose of advising their clients on how to market their businesses on Pinterest.


A lot has been already analyzed in terms of the advantages of Pinterest, as well as factors which made it successful. And here's Schmoozy Fox's two cents:


1) Pinterest understands that most people are "visual learners."

Most people on planet Earth are the so called "visual learners" -- as opposed to "verbal" and "experiential" learners. I wrote about this in my article Is Your Web Site Sticky Enough? Whereas the main point I was making was related to video content, which is a great visual way to communicate about your brand, the same goes to images and photos. The fact that Pinterest is built around visuals - which appeal to most of us, visual learners - is certainly responsible for Pinterest's successful rise.


2) Pinterest is all about playing games

Pulling images from across the web and "pinning" them to your board made me think of gamification, "the use of game design techniques, game thinking and game mechanics to enhance non-game contexts." (source: Wikipedia) If you want to dig more into the benefits of games and what game dynamics can do to your business, I suggest you check the site of Jane McGonigal, who's a game designer (whom I saw at the Creativity Forum in Antwerp), as well as the blog of Gabe Zichermann, a gamification guy whom I once heard speak at the BetaGroup in Brussels.


Pinning does feel like playing a game, so I am also on Pinterest now, and I am having fun with it. Check out my two boards there: 1) Funky Brand Interviews™, which has images of all of the interviews published to date, as well as 2) Funky Brands™, which is a collection of brands I'd like to interview -- or work with -- to make them even more funky.