Why good packaging matters

Attractive packaging is very important in branding. This is a no-brainer, and if you've ever taken marketing 101, you might remember that lecture about the importance of packaging.


But did you know that, when buying food items, people are much more likely to chose shiny, attractive packaging over the actual taste? This phenomenon is referred to as visual saliency bias, and has been well described on the blog by Dan Ariely, in a post Why we really are distracted by shiny objects.


The visual saliency bias can be explained by how our brain processes information. It weighs different criteria (such as, color, taste, etc), and compares them to each other. Often, it seems, visual criteria weigh over others.  This goes back to my article Is your web site sticky enough? in which I showed the importance of visual brand communications, based on the fact that 65% of Earth's population are the so called visual learners.