Co-branding: Desigual and Cirque du Soleil

A nice recent example of a funky brand partnership has been the collaboration between Desigual, a Spanish fashion label (previously mentioned in my short post about funky brands from Spain) and the world-famous Cirque du Soleil from Canada.  The latter hasn't yet featured on my blog, but it's now part of my #funkybrands list on Twitter.  

From a purely creative and visually attractive point of you (which would make total sense to all of the visual learners), the brand partnership between Desigual and Cirque du Soleil is extremely successful, in my opinion.  If you know the outrageous character of Desigual clothes, you'd see that the clownesque fun flavor has been present in them for already quite some time, so the partnership with Cirque du Soleil is smack to the point.

But what does this partnership give to Cirque du Soleil?  My guess is that one of the main reasons for this brand partnership must be the target audience.   Desigual, well-known in Europe, gives the Canadian Cirque du Soleil better brand exposure in Europe.


Otherwise, there discourse in the video above is all about similarities betweent he two, whereas, for a brand partnership to be successful, it would need to focus on differences.   For more insights, read my aticle 3 co-branding rules for bigger profits.


Source: Brandchannel