Social media with a human touch

Have you recently become a Facebook fan of a company? Or started following a brand on Twitter? If yes, chances are, you have no idea who's tweeting on behalf of these companies.  

There are a few exceptions to this rule. DKNY has recently revealed the real person behind its Twitter name. And it's done it by producing very personable, and sticky web content. Watch this video about Aliza Licht, the PR director of DKNY:

That's a pretty good way not only to gather more Twitter followers, but also to showcase, and build, your brand. Kudos to DKNY for this smart brand building activity.


I also recommend this article about real people behind companies' Twitter names, published by The Read Write Web, and this LinkedIn discussion.


My question is, why be dry and boring when you can be a little more personal and funky? 


Most companies, even the ones making funky products, often adopt a corporate tone of voice as soon as they start tweeting or facebooking. Only to have their fans hide them in their news feed.


But some brands, like DKNY, are beginning to understand that what we, fans, want to know, is something much more personal than product-related corporate speak and self-congratulatory retweets of brand mentions. Social media is, well, s o c i a l, and our expectations for something social and authentic are simply natural. That's why I expect to see more and more companies reveal the real people who tweet on behalf of their brands.