Is your web site sticky enough?

I don't know about you, but as far as my way of learning goes, the quickest way for me to acquire any new skill (from learning geeky social media tricks to painting with acrylics) is by watching a quick "how to" video on YouTube.  

I must be one of those visual learners, and I am certainly not alone. Compared to verbal learners (they learn by listening) who constitute about 30% of the global population, and 5% of the so called experiential learners (people who learn through tactile experiences), visual learners are the biggest group, constituting roughly 65% of the global population.


Here's something visual especially for you, the visual folks:


This explains why visual identity and product design are so important in branding and marketing.  It also explains why videos are crucial in making online content sticky.


And here's something for all those visual learners, to illustrate the point -- a video about videos. I saw it during a session on social video advertising, presented by Andrea Febbraio during the iStrategy conference in Amsterdam. Andrea, a pretty engaging and sticky guy himself :) , co-founded ebuzzing -- a company which seeds the web with branded content.