French singer Zazie endorses Belgian brand Mais il est où le soleil

I’ve already mentioned upmarket Belgian fashion brand Mais il est où le soleil in my recent article How “Made in” labels influence purchasing decisions. With its brand name which describes the Belgian grey and cloudy weather pretty well (“Mais il est où le soleil” translates as “But where is the sun..”), the company makes colorful, vibrant and sunny clothes.

You must have noticed that brand partnerships are one of my big interests, so today here’s another example I want to share with you. Mais il est  le soleil has chosen French singer Zazie as its brand ambassador.


Cooperation between Zazie and Mais il est ou le soleil can indeed be called a true partnership, as the choice has been made bilaterally, in a most serendipitous way. I talked to Val Pollet, art director of the brand. Here are some insights into this partnership that Ms Pollet has shared with me.


“It was actually a matter of chance,” says Val Pollet. “Zazie passed by our shop in Paris (Odeon), and really liked our skirts. In the evening of the same day, Zazie was performing in Brussels, dressed entirely in Mais il est où le soleil. Our partnership was onto a good start, without even having been formally concluded.”



After the concert, brand's representatives got in touch with Zazie, and as a result, a mutual decision to co-operate was made.


However, it wasn’t all due to chance that the Belgian brand decided to approach Zazie. “She’s certainly a character,” says Val Pollet, “and I like to create collections for women with a lot of character. These are women for whom it’s natural to have their distinctive style. One day, a woman like this can be a princess, the next day she’s a mother, and then on the third day, she’s a working girl. Always feminine, she stays true to her personality. For me, Zazie is the embodiment of exactly this kind of woman, the woman who’s got a lot to say for herself, and who wants to succeed in life. This is why this partnership makes perfect sense.”


The partnership, which is initially set to last through to the Summer 2012, has only just begun, but the brand can already see some good results. “We’ve already heard from many of the multi-brand shops which carry our items,” says Val Pollet, “that Zazie had validated Mais il est où le soleil as a very creative brand with a strong identity. The singer -- a woman of values, adored by her fans -- a woman with a strong personal brand -- is helping us to get into a whole new category of brands. Established and famous brands.”


Ms Pollet has also shared with me that the money that Zazie had received from this collaboration, was given to a charity organization.