8 examples of co-branding & brand partnerships

I've put together a compilation of articles about co-branding and brand partnerships that I've written on this blog. It's usually quite established brands that  form partnerships with other companies. However, even if you are a startup, keep your mind open, and think in terms of brand partnerships early on. There are always opportunities for value creation out there, and learning to think of your brand development strategy right from the start can help you build a lot of value. Do some schmoozing for success, and form valuable partnerships!  

Another co-branding example: Missoni and Target

Veuve Cliquot and DKNY

Martini and D&G

Brand partnerships

Can laptops and nail polish complement each other? 

Naked Wines and Naked Chef

A  new kind of brand ambassadors: famous bloggers

A new kind of brand ambassadors: famous entrepreneurs