Digital anthropology


Today I want to share with you a very useful and informative recent post on Mashable about the main types and characteristics of social media users. It is actually a summary of Forrester's recent research entitled The New Social Technographics and it reveals quite some interesting info for marketers and entrepreneurs. The summary is presented in the graph below.

ForresterGraphThis summary will come in handy for any brand that is exploring online channels in order to connect to its consumers and spot business growth opportunities. Interestingly, the most active group on the web, referred to as "creators" (bloggers, podcasters and other proactive digital folk such as yours truly) is actually relatively large: 24% of all web users in the US.

Another sizable group are the so called "conversationalists", or those who update their Facebook status or send a tweet at least once a week. Some characteristics that described them are as follows,

56% are female — the highest concentration of women in any of the groupings. Seventy percent are 30 years of age or older, and 24% are older than 44. According to the report, conversationalists also have household incomes “slightly above average, and they’re more likely than any other social classification to have college degrees."

There's a large number of ways how an innovative brand could use this information to raise awareness on the web, explore it, and make your brands funky!