A good unsubscribe experience helps build funky brands

Some time ago I came across a post on ClickX  Why a good unsubscribe experience is important, and thought that the subject was worth talking about on this funky brands blog. Unsubscribe experience refers to the steps one needs to take in order to stop receiving unwanted emails.

What's so funky there?

The point is, funky brands don't bombard you with unwanted emails, and even if they do send an email, they always give you an option to say, "No thanks."  Moreover, they make the process of unsubscribing easy, and even fun. That's rare, but those who get it right, reap the benefits. Funky brands are not control freaks, even when it comes to sending emails!

Source: www.sharpe-partners.com

Image source: www.sharpe-partners.com

If you are a marketer, chances are,  you'll find it quite counter-intuitive to make it easy for your email recipients to unsubscribe from your emails. You want them to stay, so why would you make it easy for them to leave, right?

Wrong. If you don't put the unsubscribe link somewhere at the top of your email, the stuff you send might be reported as spam, as simple as that. And your customers will start hating you. Believe me, nothing funky there for you!

What's the solution?  If you want to build a funky brand with a loyal following, you simply have to let go of control. Structuring your email marketing in the way that makes it impossible for people to stop receiving emails can work against you.

An important fact to keep in mind is that, if someone chooses not to receive your emails any more, it does not at all mean they are no longer buying your stuff!

For instance, whenever I come across an interesting and informative site whose content is often updated, I never choose to be kept informed by email.  That's just old-fashioned! RSS is certainly much better, as it gives me, as a customer, full control over my time, and allows me to browse what I want, whenever I want.

And if you still have trouble letting your customers unsubscribe from your mailings in a painless way, this song might make you think twice: