Funky dog food: Bit-O-Luv

While searching the web in the hope to spot yet another funky or would-be-funky brand, I came across a site of a US pet food company, Bit-O-Luv. The last time I had a pet was many years ago, and pets don't quite fit my current hectic lifestyle, unfortunately. So, I feel fairly remote from the whole pet food thing. However, what I found on the Bit-O-Luv site is an example of very good brand differentiation and positioning which caught my attention.  Have a look at the following images of popular pet food brands, for example:

Natural Balance dog food

Or this selection of pet food brands:

Selection of pet food brands

They look kind of familiar, don't they? Even if you have neither cats nor dogs, you've probably seen those ads with a dog running through forests and lakes, ending up on a top of the mountain. All due to the dog's consumption of an X dog food brand. I haven't actually witnessed other pet food brands positioned in a slightly different way. Before I saw Bit-O-Luv. Look at this snapshot taken from their site:

Bit-O-Luv pet food

The site, and the product range, is built around three dog characters: Maddie, Otis and Louie. Here is the profile of Maddie, the spaniel:

Maddie the cocker spaniel

The Bit-O-Luv positioning is supported by cartoon-like characters, fun site and product design, and love for dogs. The company frequently organizes fundraising events to show support to local animal charities. The Bit-O-Luv comes across as an authentic brand, and I have ticked off at least several boxes that qualify it as a funky brand.

When I have a better idea about the Bit-O-Luv's profitability and growth potential, I will give you my final funkiness verdict.