Is branding important for artists?

Source: Flickr If you are an artist, have you ever thought about sharing your passions, expressing your personality through your art, as well as selling your art as part of your....brand ? If not, you are not alone! Many artists concentrate on their core activity – creating art – and leave more commercial aspects of their work to other people, for instance, art dealers.

Think of your brand as your image and reputation, as perceived by those who enjoy and consume your work. What sets branding of artists apart from branding of, let's say, companies is a very close link between their personality and their work. In other words, an artist's personal brand is essential in creating strong recognition of her art.

Your personal brand can be a framework for expression of your passions through your art, and for finding those who will share these passions with you (and maybe even purchase your creations). The clearer your brand, the easier it will be to make your art known to fans, aficionados, or customers – call them what you like most.

Here is a quote I came across on the web that I want to share with you:

In essence, branding is important because it allows your art, your lifestyle, and your passions to be displayed as a uniform strategy. It is a "holistic" approach to your art that allows a symbiosis between your personality and your artistic expression. The paradox lies in the fact that a narrow focus in your brand creates a smaller group of interested patrons, but at the same time, its consistency allows a larger outreach thus broadening your audience. In the end, you have stayed true to your passion and touched larger numbers of people who share those passions with you.

Don't be afraid to narrow down the group of your target customers by creating a very precise brand. If done intelligently, this approach will certainly pay off long-term!

In practice, you can use this short list of questions as a check list that will help you narrow down your personal brand definition:

  • Think about your own personality: what three things that you would describe you best?
  • Are these parts of your personality also present in your art? And your personal values? In which way?
  • How do you communicate them to those who appreciate your art?
  • What is your art all about? What emotions do you think it triggers in those who like it?
  • How do you make your art known? Do you rely on the Internet or other channels to make a statement about who you are, and how to find you?