Funky brands from around the world: Germany

NiciI am always interested in spotting funky brands, or interesting companies that have the potential to develop into great brands. This activity of mine gets especially exciting during travel. Discovering unique brands that one can spot only locally is a lot of fun. It happens so that I've been traveling to Germany a lot lately. I especially love going to Berlin, which in one of the funkiest city brands out there. Berlin's creativity is boosting, and is naturally seen in products and services you can get there. Berlin is a very unique case of funkinness, but Germany in general is, as it seems, full of funky brands.

Inspired to find out more about German brands, I decided to crowdsource this article and ask my Facebook friends to share names of funky brands from Germany. And here is the list.

I personally would not call each of these brands funky, as many don't quite correspond with my funky brands definition. However, this is the list created entirely by my Facebook friends, and I am happy to publish these crowdsourced results here without challenging them too much! :) The idea is to engage into a conversation, and make this list expand through comments. Enjoy!

Nici is a German brand of trendy accessories. Here is what Nici says about itself on its site:

"Trendy and modern accessories and product categories like carrying bags, stationary, jewelry, cloth materials and much more, as well as the many license agreements with various manufacturers of trinkets and gifts, have all developed to become the individualistic “Love-Brand”, a positive attitude toward life.

NICI values - such as creativity, enthusiasm and liveliness - all define the work we carry out every day, in accordance with the beliefs and the desires of our customers and our staff. NICI – Just Love!"

Sounds good to SCHMOOZY FOX!


  • Jägermeister: a German famous alcoholic drink made of herbs and spices. I wouldn't call it a funky brand, especially because their marketing communications are not very contemporary. However, the company is pretty good at communicating its authentic values, and it is certainly a very strong brand.
  • Porsche: German luxury car brand. What else shall I add here?
  • StudiVZ: a German social network with 6 mln users
  • Bionade : this is certainly one of my favorite refreshment drinks, happy it got on the list!
  • Adidas doesn't need any introduction, does it? Check out their site and a nice way of promoting their presence on Facebook!


  • Puma: another famous sports fashion brand
  • Franziskaner: beer, although somewhat on a more traditional side, same as Jaegermeister. Nevertheless, a strong brand.
  • Beate Uhse: a chain of shops selling adult entertainment items. Not sure what to say here, but it doesn't fit some of my requirements for funky brands.
  • Nivea: a German cosmetics company. When I first saw that Nivea was mentioned as a funky brand, I was quite sceptical. But looking at Nivea's home page, I can see that the brand has been lately investing a lot of effort into creating a more contemporary image.

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