Mr. Marketing Philip Kotler has a Facebook fan page

KotlerFacebookpageHere is a piece of good news for all marketing professionals -- Philip Kotler, whose well-known Principles of Marketing is a must read at all business schools -- has a Facebook fan page. Kotler was named a management guru by Financial Times in 2001. He teaches at the famous Kellogg Business School. I personally always have his book close by, just in case I need to refresh my memory about various marketing concepts.

The Facebook page has already almost 9 000 fans, and I expect the numbers to grow rapidly. Kotler admits in one of his notes on Facebook that the Internet has changed marketing principles, and the way companies connect to consumers.

In line with this statement, Kotler himself has chosen the Facebook demographic to connect to his fans and give them a chance to comment on his words of wisdom. Kotler's Facebook fan page is a nice virtual marketing classroom!

And here is Kotler's lesson on creating good web sites:

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