Aomori Apples from Japan

Source: This beautiful photo of packaging for apples caught my attention when I was browsing one of my favorite inspirational sites: The Lovely Package blog. This very tasteful packaging is creation of the Swedish designer Sara Strand, and it will be used as a container for two Aomori apples originating from Japan.

I already wrote previously about branding of fruit and vegetables, notably in my article about funky garlic, and later on, funky apples. The packaging created for Aomori apples is clearly a very strong element that can enable Aomori to stand out from the competition and build a brand. The only kind of information I could find about Aomori is that this is one of the best-known apple growing regions in Japan, and the apples that grow there are simply superb. I'd be definitely tempted to taste them, especially if I came across this wonderful packaging.

Introducing this attractive packaging design should certainly help Aomori build some nice brand awareness about Japanese apples. Good job!

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