Italians, Paris Hilton and Prosecco

proseccocanIn one of my previous articles, I talked about Prosecco Rich, a brand of sparkling wine that is packaged in an unusual (for the "traditional" Italian Prosecco) way: cans. They are, in my opinion, well-designed, and are very suitable for cocktail evenings, parties, promotional events, concerts and other similar gatherings. Canned sparkling wine is more elegant than beer, and yet very easy to enjoy on the go. A superb party drink that I am sure many have discovered thanks to Paris Hilton's Prosecco Rich innovative packaging. The advertising campaign that accompanied the launch for Prosecco Rich, featured Paris herself, wearing a crimson swimsuit, or painted in gold. All of which reinforced the brand image of luxury and celebration,

According to today's article on, Paris Hilton’s Prosecco Cans Send Italians Into Fight Mode, the positioning of Prosecco Rich by Paris Hilton has upset the Italians, who, as a result, decided to protect their Prosecco with a D.O.C.G. For those, who is not familiar with D.O.C.G. (denominazione di origine controllata e garantita), it is a quality assurance label for Italian wine. Check out Wikipedia for an in-depth explanation of D.O.C.G.

Granted by the D.O.C.G by the European Union, the Italian Prosecco growers will be able to signal that THEIR Prosecco is the REAL thing. Which also means that any sparkling wine made from Prosecco grapes growing in other regions of Italy, and especially in other parts of the world, and sold in Europe,will not be allowed to bear the name Prosecco.


Will it have any repercussions on Prosecco Rich by Paris Hilton? Well, even if she's can't any longer use the name "Prosecco", the storm has already been created, and customer loyalty for a festive sparkling drink in a golden can is difficult to disregard. After all, Rich By Paris Hilton sounds pretty ok, too.

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