Nike Just Does It Digitally

Today I want to share a very good overview of how Nike is keeping its brand alive digitally. It's quite a lengthy article, but those funky brandsters with a lot of curiosity for building brands online should definitely check it out here. According to this article, Nike doesn't do TV ads. At all. Most of its advertising budget goes into creating cool video content. Promotions kind of "take care of themselves" virally because the content is good to start with -- entertaining and enjoyable.

"We don't do advertising any more. We just do cool stuff," says Nike's UK Marketing chief Simon Pestridge. "It sounds a bit wanky, but that's just the way it is. Advertising is all about achieving awareness, and we no longer need awareness. We need to become part of people's lives and digital allows us to do that."

And here are a couple videos that can give you a bit of a flavor of Nike's digital mindset:

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