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People who visit my blog or meet me in person often show a lot of interest about my passion for funky brands. What I find especially great is that many of my friends love giving their own examples of what they consider funky brands. They often ask me if their examples correspond with what a funky brand is according to SCHMOOZY FOX.

So, it's time SCHMOOZY FOX gave its definition of funky brands!

A funky brand is:

  • a product or service that is MEMORABLE, worth experiencing again and again
  • is built around a refreshing and original IDEA
  • is supported by the PASSION of employees and people who produce it
  • is appreciated for the POSITIVE EMOTIONAL ASSOCIATIONS it provokes amongst its users
  • is FUN to experience, purchase, consume, talk about, and work for.

Above all, a real funky brand can be successful only if it's based on rigorous and well-managed business model, run by passionate people.

Which leads to one very important feature of funky brands:


It doesn't mean that if your brand matches only the first four criteria, but not the last one, it is off my radar screen. On the contrary, SCHMOOZY FOX loves those new and cool business ideas that have a lot of potential to become profitable funky brands.

And that's the part SCHMOOZY FOX gets particularly excited about! We simply hate to see all this talent, creativity and passion get stagnant and turn into a ...monkey brand.

To learn more about SCHMOOZY FOX's philosophy of building funky brands, check out an interview with Olga, in which she talks about the importance of good branding:

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