Best design awards: IDEA 2009

NikeTrashTalkI want to share with you a list of best design awards IDEA (International Design Excellence Awards) 2009 , which can give you inspiration for some interesting products on the market. Take a look at the Business Week web site for a full slide show. Some of the products on the list which have been awarded with the IDEA award belong to some of the biggest brands out there, such as Nike and Apple, for example. Others are less known, but being amongst the design award winners is definitely their chance to aspire for some greater brand awareness. How could they use the received award to build brand awareness? I'd be very interested to see if any of them makes it to the market as a commercially successful product.

In fact, it's not only products that you see on the list. There are also shops, experiences, and even projects that received the award. For instance, check out Colorblind: Understanding Green. It sounds quite intriguing, but apart from the mention on the IDEA 2009 site itself, there isn't that much information on the web about it.

Share your ideas on how IDEA winners could use the award for brand awareness initiatives. Post a comment!