Funky apples

PinkLadyIn my article called If you can brand garlic, you can brand pretty much everything,I discussed possibilities of creating a brand of garlic. The product in question wasn't just any kind of garlic you find in your local supermarket, it was a special kind of garlic, Pearl, or Solo, garlic. In that article, I expressed some thoughts about brand positioning and brand strategy related to garlic. A couple of friends of mine, who read the article, were quite surprised, in their view, branding garlic was a bit of a stretch. Can we really brand fruit and vegetables?

The answer is yes.

I am sure everybody knows Chiquita bananas. Even though brand recognition in case of Chiquita is pretty strong, I personally won't refuse to buy any other brand of bananas, if they look decent enough.

Apples are a whole different story. Each kind of apple has a different shape, taste and even smell.

For me this kind of apple is certainly Pink Lady, introduced to me about seven years ago by my German friend Christine. I remember that she said it was the best kind of apple out there. Plus, the name itself sounded just cool. Much cooler than, for instance, Granny Smith.

And here you go, there is actually a whole trade association dedicated to promoting Pink Lady apples in Europe, Pink Lady Europe Association, based in France. They have been behind a series of campaigns to raise awareness about the apple in Europe, and I just saw a big billboard Pink Lady ad in Brussels the other day. Certainly a funky product with a good potential for branding, I'll keep an eye on it!