On cute little brands and Mini

Red Mini CooperIn my previous post I discussed the "smallness" in brands and listed some of the possible reasons for our liking of small objects. A comment posted in response to that article gave a reference to an interesting article in NY Times, The Cute Factor, that the readers of this blog might want to check out to get a scoop of more possible reasons of why we like small cute things. Sean, thanks for posting a nice link! :)

By the way, did you know that Mini Cooper which I mentioned in the previous post as an example of "little" brands, is turning 50 this year? Launched by in 1959 by British Motor Corp., it was taken over by BMW in 1994. Actually, the correct name of the car is simply Mini, not Mini Cooper any more.

The car is now sold in 62 countries, at an average price of 20, 000 USD. Interestingly, Mini's sales in the US are about 25% of its total global sales -- which is a curious fact given the all-pervasive opinion that people in the US like big cars.

The cute and small factor works well, it seems!

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