3 reasons why some good brands come in small packages

Image source: http://goldenagegardens.blogspot.com/ I read an interesting article Small is Beautiful for Brands in yesterday's issue of Branding Strategy Insider. It highlights the recent trend of selling things like shampoo, drinks, and other items in small packages. Smaller than what we're used to. And somehow it seems that items in smaller packages are very much liked by consumers. Is this trend particular of the spirit of our times? And if yes, what are the reasons?

Here are some:

1. Maybe, we want more variety. Looking at 10 different SMALL perfume bottles on you drawer might be more satisfying than one or two big ones.

2. We also travel more. Rather than pouring your favorite shampoo into a small container, it's much easier to pack your already small sized bottle directly into the suitcase.

3. Often, we think that small size means lower prices. It is actually rarely the case, as costs of producing small packages are high.  But perhaps small is simply perceived as cheaper and more affordable.

According to Branding Strategy Insider, ‘The best value per ml is still in the 100ml, but the absolute price point in the 30ml size is much lower. We are selling more of the 30ml,' said William Lauder, Estée Lauder's outgoing chief executive, at last week's Luxury Summit in New York. ‘The consumer doesn't have as much money, so she'd rather spend a little bit now."

Here are examples of some brands in favor of small packages:

  • Mini Cooper. The entire DNA of this brand is build around, well, being small;

Watch the Mini Cooper Big Dog commercial:

See more about Mini in my following article.

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