Can chewing gum be stylish?

The short answer is yes. Or at least this is how the brand managers of Wrigley's “5 gum” want to position it: a stylish premium product for the stylish wrigley5cobalt_wallpaper consumer.

I am not easily convinced to make impulse purchases. Displays of chocolate and chewing gum next to check-outs in supermarkets usually leave me pretty indifferent. Which doesn't prevent me from making mental notes about any new products appearing amongst the usual KitKats and Juicy Fruit. I have to say, for a long time I haven't seen anything strikingly new in these rather predictable displays. Now I hear that this may change soon as Wrigley is about to launch in the UK a new range of PREMIUM chewing gum called 5 gum. It is already sold in the United States. I suppose, five is a reference to the number of flavours in which the product is available:

Lush -- “crisp tropical”

Elixir -- “new mouthwatering berry sensation”

Cobalt -- “cooling peppermint”

Flare -- “warming cinnamon”

Rain -- “tingling spearmint”

The numer 5 is also a reference to the five human senses.

What's so premium about this new brand? First of all, the packaging is indeed very stylish, complete with “embossed black gloss packaging and sharp eye catching bursts of colour”. And apparently, this is Wrigley's response to the increasing demand of stylish consumers for a wider range of available flavors, or “taste sensations” as Toby Baker, marketing director at Wrigley, puts it.

How “premium” will the retail price of 5 gum be in the UK? And will Wrigley sell its 5 gum at any “stylish” distribution channels? Post a comment!