A one-man wine show: Gary Vaynerchuk and Wine Library TV

Here is a good example of how to build a profitable funky business built on a mix of personal brand and social media. Gary Vaynerchuk, a son of Russian immigrants who held a wine store in New Jersey, got bored with a traditional way of selling wine, and decided to spice it up by starting an online TV channel online (http://tv.winelibrary.com/). Gary's extremely energetic personal style and enthusiasm about wine (and many other subjects!) made him into a celebrity in the US -- his blog has about 80 000 viewers per day, which, in its turn, boosted sales of wine in his online shop, which apparently makes about $ 50 mln a year. Watch a video about Gary's "big idea":

Gary speaking about brands

Check out Gary's Wine Library TV and you'll see that the site is packed with social media widgets and plugins, and references to Gary's profile on various social networking sites, with intivations to “friend him up”. Being present on ALL possible social networks should be an essential requirement for those companies that care about building awareness about their brands on the Web, according to Gary.

Apart from being busy with wine e-commerce and shooting his videos about wine, Gary has emerged as a celebrity business coach and inspirational speaker on subjects varying from entrepreneurship to social media. Gary has also spoken about brands and the importance of social media in building the next generation of innovative brands. See here what Gary says about brands: