The Funky Business Club

Yes, I finally have a blog! I´ve been reflecting upon the necessity to have one, and I am glad I have finally made this step. I have no choice, really: having a blog is simply a requirement for the course entitled Television, movil y lo que viene. I am taking this class (among many others) at Instituto de Empresa (IE) in Madrid where I am finishing up an International MBA program.

I´ve called this blog The Funky Business Club. The reason is simple: I am founder and president of The Funky Business Club at Instituto de Empresa, dedicated to talent and creativity in marketing-focused organizations. I have created this club in order to combine my two big professional interests:

-Helping people develop their talents.

Under the auspices of the club, I have organized a range of funky events, one of them being a speech by a prominent brand strategist from London, Wally Olins, who came to speak at school last summer. You can read a news brief about Wally´s visit here.