Tufts Magazine publishes Olga Slavkina's article "Your Personal Brand: Succeed by Marketing the Real You"

Tufts Magazine, the alumni publication of my US Alma Mater, Tufts University, has recently published my article Your Personal Brand: Succeed by Marketing the Real You.  In this article, I talk about using principles of product branding and marketing to build people’s personal brands.

Surely, products don’t have the kinds of intrinsic qualities that people do, but sometimes, the kind of thinking we, brand and marketing professionals, use to create and promote product (and services) brands, can come in handy in relation to people’s personal brands.

The print version of Tufts Magazine is published 4 times a year, and reaches 93 000 Tufts alumni worldwide. Amongst the Tufts famous alumni in business are Pierre Omidyar (founder of Ebay), Seth Godin (founder of Squidoo and author of several bestsellers about marketing), Peter Roth (CEO of Warner Brothers Television) and many others.