Financial Times quotes Olga Slavkina's expert advice

Financial Times's journalist Barney Jopson sought the expert opinion of Olga Slavkina for his article about the so called "diffusion brands". The original article, called Second-tier brands tap into straitened times, can be accessed by Financial Times subscribers here


One nuance of the past three years is that the middle market has become a curiously compelling place for ultra-hip designers who would not have been seen dead there before. They have shed prejudices and inhibitions to launch so-called “diffusion” lines, which take the concentrate of a luxury brand - Giorgio Armani, Jimmy Choo and Marc Jacobs for example - and diffuse it into more affordable, ready-to-wear products. The people behind diffusion brands bristle at any comparison to the fast fashion or cheap chic of Zara and Hennes & Mauritz.

They say they are a step-up in quality, entering a segment that many fashion insiders dub “affordable luxury”, according to Olga Slavkina, managing partner of Schmoozy Fox, a branding agency in Brussels.

— Barney Jopson, "Second-tier brands tap into straitened times", Financial Times, 6 June 2011