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Domain name IS FOR SALE

Between 2007 and 2014 I've been publishing articles on my blog called The Funky Brands blog.

"Funky Brands" was a term that I used to refer to companies which had 1) clear presence of attractive product design and visual identity and 2) business success based on a carefully selected and executed brand strategy. Besides my research on the cutting-edge marketing techniques that I was sharing with my audience, another important part of the contents of my blog was dedicated to Funky Brand Interviews with companies that I considered exemplary in the Funky Brands category. 

I interviewed founders and top managers of such companies as MTV, SWAROVSKI, DKNY, MINI cars, Camper shoes, Kipling and many others. In 2011, the concept "Funky Brands by Schmoozy Fox" was nominated for the Accenture Innovation Award in the category of Media, Innovation and High Tech.

In 2014, a case study about the success of Schmoozy Fox, and notably its concept of Funky Brands (co-authored by myself and professor Adriana Campelo) was published by Routledge in a book called "Brand Mascots and other marketing animals"

I have since then focused on other business priorities and spent less time on  the Funky Brands blog. Most of my writing now is taking place on my Instagram account You can browse the contents of my past Funky Brands blog entries here

I believe that there can be several valuable applications for the domain name In case you are interested in finding out more information on how you can place your bid and purchase the now available domain, please send me an email to olga (at) schmoozyfox (dot) com with "funky brands" in the subject line.