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How to create a great logo17 Dec

I’ve already written that branding is not all about logos and corresponding stationary, but your overall brand strategy. Let’s just say that a great logo does not define whether your company will fail or succeed.

However, it greatly helps communicate what your brand stands for.

Logos and visual identity are especially worth mentioning in the context of Funky Brands™. If you have a look at the Funky Brand Interviews that I’ve published with some of the most innovative brands out there, you’ll notice that they’re strong at one thing: superior design.

Most of the brands I’ve interviewed have been product brands for which outstanding design is part of their DNA, like in cases of Biomega, Kipling, Swarovski, Theo, Ice Watch and others. However, even services brands and online brands can stand out from the crowd by adopting visual identities designed in astonishing ways.

How do you go about creating a successful logo that will be appealing to exactly those consumers you want to attract?

  • Don’t go for complex logos with multiple colors (this is what an article on, The Secrets of Successful Logos, suggests though it also gives an example of Digital Chocolate’s rather complex logo as successful — I guess it’s more of an exception than a rule to have so much complexity in a logo), choose something simple and stylish.
  • Simplicity is, however, one of the toughest challenges to crack when it comes to logo design. Work with outstanding designers who are not only good at designing, but also understanding the essence of your brand.
  • Carefully consider the color scheme for your visual identity. Read this guide on how to choose the right color for your brand.
  • Choose a logo that creates that “wow” effect and grabs your customers’ attention in a few seconds.
  • Finally, ask SCHMOOZY FOX if in doubt! :)

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