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An example of co-branding: Naked Wines and Naked Chef12 Aug


In June I featured an interview with Rowan Gormley, founder of Naked Wines, a funky online wine retailer from the UK. And here is some awesome news about Naked Wines: just recently, the company has entered into a partnership with Jamie Oliver, a popular chef.

This is a great example of co-branding, an alliance between two companies whose co-operation can enhance reputation of each brand. The partnership is very logical, not only because food and wine go hand in hand. In fact, both brands are “naked” — Naked Wines, and Jamie, who’s also referred to as Naked Chef.

So, it´s just natural for two ¨naked¨ funky brands to team up. Let´s keep an eye on their great project. And now, watch a video about it.

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2 Responses to “An example of co-branding: Naked Wines and Naked Chef”

  1. Olga Slavkina Reply

    Thanks Nancy, I didn’t know about Naked Juice! Olga

  2. Fritinancy Reply

    Naked Chef may want to capture the kids-teetotalers market by partnering next with

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